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Decree on determining the conditions for exporting electricity from non-governmental renewable and clean power plants abroad

To perform the legal responsibilities of the Ministry of Energy and in order to use the talents of Iran in clean and renewable electricity generation, job creation, income generation, increasing the security and developing the deprived areas, providing alternative livelihood in waterless regions and increasing the share of Iran in supplying regional and global energy, the electricity export conditions for the non-governmental clean and renewable power plants are as follows:
1- SATBA must act as an investment window for generating exported electricity by the non-governmental clean and renewable power plants and provide the necessary installation, operation and electricity exportation licenses if requested by the clients for exporting electricity overseas.
2- In case of requesting by clean and renewable power plants investor to use the capacities of this decree, guaranteed power purchase agreement cannot be accepted according to the executive regulation’s framework of Article 61 of Law on Modification of Energy Consumption Pattern.
3- SATBA is responsible to provide the grid connection license from Tavanir company before exchanging the subject contracts to this decree.
4- The transit expenses of the power plants in this decree to be exported from the reference point of the grid is 15% of average weight of the previous export expenses.
5- SATBA is allowed to calculate and receive the expenses of electricity transit from the borders (enactment no 93/499172/20/100 in 2015-03-02) for clean and renewable power plants. SATBA is obliged to spend the amount received for the expenses of electricity transit through the borders of the country only to pay part of the expenses of guaranteed purchase of electricity from renewable and clean power plants.
6. Iran Electricity Grid Management Company is obliged to cover changes in the generation fluctuations of renewable and clean power plants for a maximum period of five years, therefore, the annual generation volume of these power plants is equal to the volume of their annual electricity output.
7. The constructed capacity of renewable and clean power plants is considered equal to the safe capacity of the power plant and the investors subject to this decree are exempted from providing a capacity certificate equal to their contracted capacity.
8. Marketing and concluding contracts with foreign purchasers and observing all laws, regulations and rules and fulfilling all related obligations will be the responsibility of the investor.
9. Exporters of renewable and clean electricity will be required to comply with all export-related regulations and the Ministry of Energy will not be responsible in this regard.
10. SATBA is obliged to prepare and implement the necessary instructions for the full implementation of this decree on time.