Technology rating process and its corresponding incentive coefficient
The process of determining the technology score and its corresponding incentive coefficient, the incentive coefficient of each power plant is determined by summation the technology scores of the components of the power plant consistent with the weight of the related tables (the instruction is available in the localization sector on SATBA website). The technology score of the equipment is calculated based on the three indicators of the power plant’s components construction, the internal design, and the local technical know-how developed for each component of the power plant. Local construction score proportional to the share of production and job creation in Iran, the local design score based on the share of the Iranian engineering potency in designing, and the development of local technical know-how score proportional to the share of technical know-how developed in Iran that each up to 10% and the total of 30% is determined in accordance with the procedure approved by the working group. Furthermore, in order to support the technologies localization investment related to the renewable and clean power plants, SATBA concludes a long-term power purchase agreement with the companies that have the technical implementation plan for the development of technical know-how and local construction of the equipment and have obtained the relevant certificate. These contracts are the partition and assignable to the other investors.

The process of determining the technology score of equipment, the incentive factor for power plants and supporting investment in localizing renewable and clean power plants
Process 1: Specifying the technology equipment Rating

Process 1


Process 2: Specifying the incentive factor for power plants

Process 2