Guide on Investment in Renewable power plants for Electricity Export
To support investors who are interested in investing in the field of renewable electricity generation in Iran and exporting electricity to the neighboring countries, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SATBA) has provided an opportunity for legal persons and natural persons by explaining the necessary policies and processes.
Regarding the implementation of the Minister of Energy’s announcement No. 97.22029.20.100 dated 2018.07.04 and No. 98.33560.20.100 dated 2019.10.12 and article 133 of 5th development plan the process for obtaining permit for renewable electricity export is as follows:

plants for Electricity Export

Note 1: Applicants who have previously obtained licenses for the construction of renewable and clean power plants and are interested to export renewable electricity at any stage of their work progress, can refer to SATBA and apply for the license or contract modification (while obtaining relevant licenses as well).
Note 2: If applicants obtain a renewable power plant license for export and fail to obtain the relevant licenses for any reason, they may convert the license into a guaranteed power purchase license and obtain the required licenses and apply for the power purchase agreement with SATBA.

*Documents and correspondence indicating the agreement of the foreign party to purchase the electricity