Tax exemption

Article 132- The income out of manufacturing and mining activities in manufacturing or mining units in cooperative and private sectors that have concluded contracts with the related ministries or the operation license is issued for them since 2002 will be exempted (80%) and for the duration of 4 years by the time of operation or extraction and in less developed areas will be exempted from the tax of article 105 for the amount of 100% and for the duration of 10 years.

Note1: The list of less developed areas for the rest of third economic, social, and cultural plan of Islamic Republic of Iran and at the beginning of each plan will be provided by the management and planning organization of the country and the Economic and Finance Affairs, Industries and mining ministries and will be approved by the board of ministries.

Note 2: The exemptions subject to this article includes income of manufacturing and mining units which are located in 120 km around center of Tehran and 50 km around center of Isfahan and 30 km around cities and provinces with more than 300 thousand population based on the latest statistics.

Note3: All tourist Organizations that have operation license from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran are exempted from paying 0.5 tax each year.

Note 4: The conditions of determining the start of operation date of exempted units subject to this article and determining the range of location subject to article 2 will be provided and announced by the Economic and Finance Affairs, Industries and mining ministries.