History & objectives:
Today, the increased consumption of energy in modern industrial societies has, in addition to the risk of quick exhaustion of fossil resources, brought about irreversible and threatening environmental changes faced by the world.
Accordingly in conjuncture with the stable global development, special role has been assigned to renewable resources of energy in international plans and policies. The European Union, for example, has determined to generate 12% of the required electric energy for the year 2010 from renewable resources of energy. In our country, further to policies made by the Ministry of Energy’s Deputy Directorate for Energy, Iran Renewable Energy Organization (SUNA) has been attending to this matter since 1995 in order to achieve updated information and technology in connection with utilization of renewable energy resources, measurement of potentials and execution of various projects (solar, wind and geothermal, hydrogen and biomass). Due to the volume and diversity of operations, at the end of the year 1378 [early 2000] the Ministry of Energy submitted it’s proposal as to change the nature of SUNA to that of a governmental institution to the cabinet to fill the vacancy of a governmental organization responsible for renewable energy development. This was done pursuant to Articles 1 and 2 of the Establishment Act of the Ministry of Energy     approved on February 17,1975 as wall as Note 2 of single Act of the 1999 General Budget Law. On February 27, 2000, in order for development of renewable energy as a crucial international/regional matter, the Cabinet approved (approval No H21343T/65004) the Ministry of Energy’s proposal as to the establishment of SUNA Government Company who would be responsible for management of relevant projects. This was in congruity with government policies on energy, made by the state Expediency Council on January 13, 1999 and approved by the leader on January 22, 2001 (notified under No 76330/1) where two out of eleven articles related to the subject of renewable energy.
Accordingly, by virtue of the Cabinet’s approval No H2528288T/2732 dated may 23, 2003 (concerning the approval of SUNA’s Articles of Association), Iran Renewable Energy Organization [SUNA]- registered under No 161299 on April 18,2000- was changed into an absolutely government company aimed at developing the application of energies resulting from renewable resources, and assumed responsibility, as manager of Energy Deputy Directorate’s projects, for carrying out R&D activities, rendering design and consultation services, manufacturing and operating renewable energy systems until the end of the year 1381 [mid March 2003] after which, it started executing relevant projects directly.