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International relations department

Today's world is filled with wondrous and diverse changes accompanied by emersion and promotion of modern technologies. The sun provides enough power in a single hour to meet the energy demands of all humanity for an entire year. Scientific communication and interaction among nations is absolutely necessary to harness this power for the benefit of our progeny.
The Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) is determined to promote the extensive utilization of renewable energy. Raising awareness domestically and internationally will benefit not only the people in Iran, but all mankind throughout the globe. It is critical for us to build credibility, maintain professional accountability, and spur investment in renewable energy.

SUNA's goals include the following:
1- Formulating renewable energy policies aiming at mitigating the environmental impact of fossil fuels.
2- Understanding the priorities for international affairs.
3- Monitoring the needs of our organization and the needs of entities interested in direct foreign investment.
4- Assessment and analysis of opportunities for international communication.

Processes and Implementation:
1- Assessment and analysis of terms and benefits of using renewable resources.
2- Translation and regulation of required international documents in order to make use of experiences, expertise and propagated international knowledge of institutions and organizations.
3- Coordination with foreign officials and cooperation in the preparation of contracts: international, bilateral, and multilateral agreements.
4- Participation in regional and international meetings for the mutual benefits attained by renewable energy sources.
5- Evaluation of programs related to meetings with esteemed diplomats, managers, foreign companies', experts and other foreign guests.
6- Presentation of proposals within the scope of organization's duties and authorities.
7- Analysis of incoming and outgoing documents pertinent to attendance at international meetings such as: IRENA, ECO, ISESCO, G15, D8, United Nations industrial development organization (UNDP), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and so on.
8- Examination of technical papers and all documents related to the workshops, conferences and international educational seminars.
9- Process of coordinating with foreign guests regarding formalities at the organization.
10- Inspecting the facilities and capabilities of the organizations and reliable international financial institutions with the aim of identifying ways to attract direct foreign investment
11- Registration and maintenance of all classified records, information, documents and specialized resources related to international affairs.
12- Presentation and negotiation of appropriate solutions with the assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassies in the countries with high technologies in the field of renewable energy to draw the participation of foreign investors depending on the capabilities and technological capacities for equipment production domestically.
13- To strengthen the relationship between research and development centers with similar goals 14- Preparation of documents, research reports, and other correspondence with the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassies throughout the world.

Head of Informing & International Affairs

Mehdi Vosough Mehr
Expert of Informing and Communication Affair
Tel: +98 (21) 88094884