Welcome to Website of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization .

In order to clarify the tasks and programs of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran, we hereby notify all applicants interested in investments of renewable and clean power plants:

• The Renewable organization of Iran (SUNA) is a governmental company which its shares is one hundred percent owned by the government and it does not have any representation inside or outside of the country.

• The installation of Renewable end clean power plants with the state budget has not put into the agenda of SUNA; this organization is promoting the development of the Renewable and clean power plants through the private sector. It is not also possible to grant a representative credit to any internal or external companies or institutions in order to conclude a memorandum of understanding, issuing the permits or providing fields from this organization. Only an authorized signatory of the company has the right to sign contract and binding documents.

• SUNA has updated all the terms of issuing the licenses, contract of the power purchase agreement and generated electricity bills very transparent and complete in the website of this organization. This organization considers equal rights for both Iranian or foreign investors. The respectful applicants can present their requirement investment document through the website of the organization or send official request to the organization. No fee from the applicant will be received for issuing the license.

• In the website of the organization all the required information is available for the investment applicants. In order to take the processes more quickly the managers of the organization prefer to do the current activities and overcome the problems in funding instead of appointments and meetings for the purpose of introduction. However, if the website is not responsive to the questions or if there is any suggestion to improve, the meeting request form should be completed in order to be analyzed and set the time for the meeting.

• This organization is not holding any priority projects with technical and economic study for privatization. All cases such as site selection and required permission like land lease agreement, grid connection and environment should be done by the applicant (investor).

• The foreign companies and investors should send their official request directly through their official agent or company that they have registered in Iran for initial construction license.

Required information for applicants interested to have a meeting with managers of SUNA

If the applicant is interested in constructing power plants, the following needs to be completed.
:please name other Small hydro power plant geothermal power plant biomass power plant solar power plant (PV) Wind power plant
If the applicant is willing to invest in renewable energy projects, the following should be completed.