Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization

Prioritizing and determining the share of clean energy in Ardabil, East and West Azarbaijan provinces
Director General of Potential Assessment and Renewable Energy Evaluation Office announced the process of integrated evaluation, prioritization and determination of the share of energy in the three provinces of Ardabil, East and West Azerbaijan.
Solar power plant with a capacity of 10 MW was inaugurated in Yazd province
In the 37th week of Ministry’s A-B-Iran program, a solar power plant with a capacity of more than 10 megawatt was inaugurated in the Chadormalu area of Yazd province by Minister of Energy in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA.
Providing new funding for the development of renewable power plants/ Continuation of RE guaranteed power purchase process
Dr. Satkin, Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA, attended a press conference this morning on the sidelines of the 20th Water and Electricity Industry Exhibition.
Economization of more than 1600 million cubic meters of natural gas by developing renewable energy in Iran
“The development of 847 megawatt renewable energy in Iran has resulted in economization of more than 1600 million cubic meters of natural gas.” said Director General of Strategic Planning and Regulations Office of SATBA.
The mechanism of investment model and registration for installation of small-scale solar systems
The Director General of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Management Office explained the registration mechanism for applicants designed for the installation of small-scale solar systems.
National Award for Renewable Energy, a platform for scientific and technical rise of renewable energy players in Iran
The 5th Iran Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (IRAN REC) was organized by the Iran Renewable Energy Association and the support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Center for Progress and Development of Iran, Ministry of Energy and SATBA and was held in the form of webinars and virtual exhibitions.
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