Solution of water management, fuel consumption and reduction of environmental impacts in the country's electricity generation
In 23th of December, with the presence of the Minister of Energy, the Governor of Markazi Province, Khomeini's representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Deputy Minister of Energy and the head of SATBA and some provincial officials in Mana Energy Factory located in Shahid Saeedi Industrial Town of Khomein, a photovoltaic cell and module production line with an annual production capacity of 1,500 MW of solar panels was inaugurated.
Details of construction of 500 MW renewable power plant
250 MW of renewable power plants are under construction with a guaranteed electricity purchase model, and another 250 MW will be built with a different and new financial model.
In the Sixth Conference and the Third Renewable Energy Award, the top activists in different sectors of renewable energy were
The Sixth International Conference and the Third National Renewable Energy Award of Iran ended with the introduction of top activists in the field of renewable energy.
A spokesman of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran said:
SATBA has called for the construction of ten thousand megawatts of renewable power plants with the participation of domestic and foreign private sector.
Appointed Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA
In a decree, the Minister of Energy appointed "Mahmoud Kamani" as the Chairman of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SATBA) and also deputy minister.
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