Five-fold growth in the renewable power plants capacity development in the last 8 years

Five-fold growth in the renewable power plants capacity development in the last 8 years
"In the eleventh and twelfth governments, we have faced a five-fold growth in the generation of renewable electricity,” mentioned Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA.

According to the Portal of the Ministry of Energy (Paven), Mohammad Satkin made his speech at the ceremony of operation of 13 renewable power plants in 9 provinces with a total capacity of about 30 MW, which was held in the presence of the President in the form of a video conference. “Fortunately, there are renewable power plants in all the provinces of the country, and in the eleventh governments, especially the twelfth government, efforts have been made to use the full capacity of renewable power plants construction.”
The Deputy Minister of Energy announced the number of systems specific to subscribers on a kilowatt scale of 5,300 power plants and said: "This shows the use of all the capacity of subscribers in all parts of the country.”
Dr. Satkin added: "Since about 70% of electricity generated in these power plants occur in the warm months of the year and this issue is in line with electricity consumption pattern of the country, therefor, the electricity generated by renewable power plants is a great benefit to supply the grid’s need in the peak hours.”
Referring to the economic and environmental benefits of developing renewable power plants, Dr. Satkin reported saving of 630 million liters of water per 903 megawatts of capacity developed annually. "This amount is equivalent to saving 5.03 million barrels of crude oil per year, preventing the emission of 2 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, which has been done by attracting 135,000 billion rials of non-governmental investment.”
He added that the construction of renewable power plants has created 11,740 direct and indirect jobs. The cumulative employment rate of these power plants is 58,300 people per year. In the 11th and 12th governments, 90% of renewable power plants were constructed in deprived and undeveloped areas of the country.
In the end, he expressed his hope for the continuation and development of the activity in the thirteenth government, and said: "May this method make the country benefit from the generation of clean and accessible electricity for all people."

Jul 31, 2021 22:41
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