The capacity of renewable power plants reached 920 megawatt

The capacity of renewable power plants reached 920 megawatt
5,913 million kilowatt hours of energy has been generated from renewable sources, which has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3,978 tons

This amount of renewable energy generation has reduced more than one billion and 679 million cubic meters of fossil fuel consumption in Iran, which is used to generate electricity from fossil fuel sources, and saved more than 1300 million liters of water consumption, Public Relations and International Affairs office of SATBA reports.
According to the report, the installed capacity of renewable energy has reached more than 920 megawatt, and the operation of this type of power plant has also prevented the release of more than 25 thousand tons of local pollutants.
5000 small-scale solar power plants with a total capacity of 69,320 kW have been put into operation throughout the country. A review of the figures in this section indicates the following percentage:
Solar: 49%, wind: 34%, small hydropower: 12%, biomass: 1%, waste heat recovery: 2%, turbo expanders: 2%.

Mar 28, 2021 11:13
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