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Providing new funding for the development of renewable power plants/ Continuation of RE guaranteed power purchase process

Providing new funding for the development of renewable power plants/ Continuation of RE guaranteed power purchase process
Dr. Satkin, Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA, attended a press conference this morning on the sidelines of the 20th Water and Electricity Industry Exhibition.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Head of SATBA, referred to the latest achievements and policies of SATBA regarding the development of renewables, and added: "In recent days, we have witnessed that proper development and focus on the development of renewables along with demand response could reduce air pollution problems.”
Mentioning railing the new resources for future, the Head of SATBA said: “We are looking forward to absorbing the taxes of high consumed industries including steel and iron in order to fulfill more promises in development of renewable power plants.”
Hoping for new financial supply methods, he continued: “Through SATBA’s follow ups, the supports of Ministry of Energy and the Energy Affairs Office of Iran Plan and Budget Organization for activating financial resources according to the regulations, the mentioned income row will be added to Iran’s budget bill in 2021-2022.”
Mentioning the wrong applications of this regulation, he said that according to the legal functions of this law, the required financial resources for guaranteed purchase of generated electricity from renewable sources must be supplied via selling it to electricity grid, the value of economized fuel and not producing environmental pollutants.
The Minister of Energy highlighted the potential of renewable power plants construction in Iran and 120000 megawatt renewable potential in solar and wind fields and added: “Our regions are unique in the world in a way that the best windy regions are on the border of Iran and Afghanistan with more than 40% production ratio.”
“The basic load in Iran is based on fossil fuel power plants because of sustainable supply and the nature of renewable resources are in a way that they can be used anytime of the year in order to generate renewable electricity. Yet, they are more considerable during the summer regarding the increase of launching renewable power plants for demand response and removing the effects of cooling loads.” he said, in response to the question of one of the reporters regarding exclusive production of renewable power plants in the summer.
Believing that lack of proper use of the capacity of regulations is one of the barriers of renewable power plants development, he said that by cooperating with Plan and Budget Organization, we have suggested creating the necessary budget row to remove the obstacles in this regard.
Mentioning that investment on the renewables is 100% done with the collaboration of private sector, Dr. Satkin said that SATBA is the first organization in Iran that purchases electricity via encouraging mechanism with real price.
In response to the question of one of the reporters regarding electricity exportation, he said that exporting renewable electricity can be an opportunity for the development of these power plants, job creation and reinforcement of national production power. As Tavanir Company is responsible for electricity exportation in Iran, this process is being followed up accordingly.
Mentioning the priority of the development of solar rooftops, Deputy Minister of Energy stated that all the electricity distribution companies in Iran will sign contracts with the subscribers and SATBA has put the payments of the invoices of subscribers in priority and there is no obstacle in this regard. In case of supplying financial resources, the tariffs of such power plants will correspondingly increase.
The precise measurement of potentials of constructing renewable power plants in all the provinces is already done and the location of power plants implementation, production capacity ratio and other details is available on SATBA website.
In response to the question of one of the reporters regarding the procedure of guaranteed purchasing of electricity in 2021-2022, Dr. Satkin said that the procedure will remain the same as before.

Jan 26, 2021 08:43
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