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The mechanism of investment model and registration for installation of small-scale solar systems

The mechanism of investment model and registration for installation of small-scale solar systems
The Director General of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Management Office explained the registration mechanism for applicants designed for the installation of small-scale solar systems.

Mr. Ziary referred to the planning in the Ministry of Energy to encourage the participation of high-consumption subscribers in the household sector to implement the small-scale solar systems in the form of Bargh Omid and said: “The initiative aims at the construction of a system with a nominal capacity of about 600 to 700 watts with the government support for each high-consumption household.”
Regarding the registration process of applicants, he explained: “The registration of high-consumption household subscribers has started on SATBA website and it has been determined that due to the limitations of financial resources in proportion to the number of applications registered in different areas on SATBA website, a province could be selected as an executive pilot.”
He announced the cost of construction of a small-scale solar system with an actual capacity of 600 watts to be 150 million rials and added: “The loans are obtained from the banking system by the applicant and the interest on the loan is accepted by the government. In this initiative, the guarantor (or loan guarantors) will be introduced and the installments of the loan will be paid off in a period of 30 months (or a maximum of 3 years) by the applicant.”
"According to the executive procedure of the project, the loan amount obtained by the applicants will be given to the competent companies and the solar self-sufficiency systems will be implemented from this place and no amount will be provided to the applicant.” he added.
Ziary, while pointing to the technical estimate of the average performance of a 600-watt solar system at 90 kWh per month based on the country's climatic conditions, predicts a reduction in electricity costs on electricity bills by approximately 300 to 400 thousand rials per month.

Jan 20, 2021 12:22
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