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SATBA Needs to Be the Main Principle in Water and Power Scope / SATBA’s Role in Year of Production Leap

SATBA Needs to Be the Main Principle in Water and Power Scope / SATBA’s Role in Year of Production Leap
The Minister of Energy said: in the current situation of Ministry of Energy, SATBA must be the main principle of water and power industry considering its legal tasks.

Reza Ardakanian, in the inauguration ceremony of the Head of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA) on Tuesday mentioned the role and position of this organization in fulfilling the goals and plans of Ministry of Energy and said: “If we combine action, thinking and appropriate people in order to reach correct thinking, we can see that considering subject of renewables in Iran is one of the most proper measures to take.”
His Excellency added: “Energy efficiency is the same and it does not mean that our thermal power plants, water and sewage refineries, dams and irrigation and drainage networks are not important. It means that what put these sections in their correct and optimal path is the way of thinking that SATBA is based on. If SATBA does not remain in its own organizational path and the thinking of prioritizing the renewables and correct efficiency develops and grows, it will be of great benefit to the other sections of Ministry of Energy.” Ardakanian added: "If the establishment is done properly, the next periods should be more prosperous for the founding directors, the period after them is an important one.”
He addressed the previous head and founder of SATBA and stated: “Despite the ups and down of every single job, being a founder president is of great importance and this kind of person has an additional advantage and the position and role of a founder is unique.”
Mentioning that being a founder is a permanent role and just one person can have this title forever, Ardakanian said: “Even after retirement, the founder president will still face challenges and needs to respect the title that is transition of all the experiences, successes and failures of theirs.”
He said that: “Definitely SATBA will be in a better condition in future and the base of foundation is that the post-foundation era is a more flourishing one. That is why this step is taken and with the cooperation of all the colleagues in SATBA more important and bigger steps will be taken in order to create the policy making council in SATBA to advertise this way of thinking in some ways. Here is where all the elements of the Ministry of Energy must come together to spread this mindset and consider it as a common task.”
Referring to SATBA’s new management plans, he said: "Mr. Satkin has set up a good detailed plan for the coming months and hopes to rely on the support of all colleagues in SATBA and the capacities of the Ministry of Energy and the private sector in the short term."
Ardakanian added: "For this year, which is the year of production leap, SATBA has prepared detailed plans in both the construction and cooperation areas and has been reflected to the government and the president. We hope to see the contribution and role of this organization in this regard more prominent than in the past.”
He added: "It's important for managers to be able to communicate their successes and failures. We must not go back on any unattainable path, and we must make the best of this limited opportunity, especially in SATBA.”

Jun 2, 2020 10:54
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