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A new directive to raise tariffs for renewable power plants:

A new directive to raise tariffs for renewable power plants:
A new directive to raise tariffs (for the private sector producers from renewable and clean sources) was announced by Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian on October 12.

Public Relations and International Affairs Office of SATBA reported that the new directive to raise tariffs was announced in order to maximize the benefits of electricity generation from renewable sources as well as increase the competitiveness of the renewable electricity in the industry chain. The table is as follows:


Technology type

Guaranteed electricity purchase tariff

(IRRs per kWh)





The anaerobic digestion of manure, sewage and agriculture


Incineration and waste gas storage



Wind farm (10 MW and less)



Solar farm (10MW and less)



Geothermal (including excavation and equipment)



Electricity generation from waste recycling in industrial processes



Small hydropower

(10 MW and less)

Installation on the rivers


Installation on the pipelines and side facility of dams



Fuel cell systems



Turbo expanders



Allocated to the consumers and limited to the connection capacity

Guaranteed electricity purchase tariff

(IRRs per kWh)


Wind with the capacity of 1 MW and less




with the capacity of 100 kW and less


with the capacity of 20 kW and less



According to this report, in order to overcome environmental problems in coastal provinces and mega cities, the base electricity tariff from biomass technology will be increased two times, furthermore, for those contracts which will be concluded in the current Persian Calendar, the purchasing electricity price from wind power plants located in Sistan and Balouchestan province will experience a 10 percentage increase in comparison to the numbers in the table above.
The report also adds that: In order to have a better receiving and credit expense management and increase the trust of investor on on-time payment of monthly bills of power plants, SATBA can work in favor of power plants contractor in case of having monetary resources and open the six-month letter of credit (in Rials) based on the Iranian banking regulations. Moreover, if the charities start constructing clean and renewable power plants in order to supply the energy of educational buildings, SATBA is allowed to purchase this produced energy based on the mentioned prices of the enactment.
The maximum capacity of the subscribers-allocated generators will increase up to twice the connection capacity in case of considering technical and security cares of connecting to grid and those subscribes who have operated a part of this capacity can try to construct new capacities in a separate contract.
Those renewable power plants which are constructed to export electricity can sell their electricity to SATBA if needed according to Regulation 61 of Modification of Consumption Pattern Law and if so, their exportation license must be cancelled.
The report finally adds that: the base price of those contracts which are exchanged before this enactment can change into the numbers in the table above if the investor requests and if the considered power plant has operated with full capacity, the beginning of using new tariff and the starting point of adjustment formula will be from the date of accession exchange. Also, for the power plants which are not operated in full capacity, the starting point of adjustment formula will be the date of complete capacity operation.


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