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Operation of 800 MW renewable power plants by August 2019

Operation of 800 MW renewable power plants by August 2019
According to public relations and international affairs of SATBA, the 6th Iran Wind Energy Conference was held on April 29th.

Dr. Sadeghzadeh, as the keynote speaker of the conference, noted the role of the private sector as the founder of the renewable power plants development since the formation of renewable industry in Iran. He stated that under current sanctions, renewable energy growth has not been stopped. He also stated that currently the capacity of renewable power plants is about 710 MW and will reach 800 MW by the peak of summer 2019.
Dr. Sadeghzade added that private sector expectations from the Ministry of Energy and the government are providing legal infrastructure for investors to ensure the return on investment and timely payment of their bills. Fortunately, licenses are being issued in less than a week and PPA contracts are being concluded in the shortest possible time.
He referred to the methods proposed to fund the renewable power plants in the future and mentioned that increasing the electricity charges from 8% to 10% on the basis of the 2019 budget bill and allocation of it from the treasury to SATBA is among the top agendas. This will address the financial problems in purchasing the renewable electricity.
He pointed out that according to Article related to the law to remove barriers of production; renewable energy producers can supply their costs from the saved fuels.
He mentioned that given the announcement of the guidelines for renewable electricity exports and the attractive prices of electricity tariffs in neighboring countries, there is a good opportunity for renewable energy investors to export electricity.
At the end of his speech, Dr. Sadeghzadeh, referred to the progress we have made so far in the field of renewable energy and expressed his hope on the development of renewable power plants in our country.

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