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The advantage of the renewable power plants is its popularity

The advantage of the renewable power plants is its popularity
The advantage of the renewable power plants is its popularity/ the 80% of electricity production from renewable power plants in the 4 warm months of the year

Dr. Sadeghzadeh, Deputy Minister of Energy and the head of SATBA, announced the necessity of economic equilibrium in the country’s electricity industry to maintain the sustainability of this important infrastructure. Based on public relations of SATBA, Dr. Sadeghzadeh in the specialized interview on channel 3 named the country's electricity industry as an infrastructure industry that depends on the people’s welfare and the economic development, he also mentioned that four factors namely technology, expert manpower, the primary sources of energy and economy are considered as the most important vulnerability factors in the country’s power industry. He added that Iran has developed well in the technology sector in the past four decades. Our country is one of the few producers of gas and steam turbines, wind turbines, and solar panels, sub-stations and transmission lines. The power industry is not vulnerable to three factors: technology, manpower, and primary energy sources. He pointed to the imbalance between the resources and economic applications of the country’s power industry as one of the main challenges of the country's electricity industry over the past decade.
According to this report, Dr. Sadeghzadeh added that about two years ago, electricity generation from renewable power plants was placed on the Ministry of Energy’s agenda. Due to the geographic distribution of RE power plants, they should be expanded through private sector participation. Therefore, the guaranteed electricity purchase which was announced by the Ministry of Energy and has been approved as an executive Act in the Sixth Development Plan by the Government cabinet and after that the Islamic Consultative Assembly.
He added that at present, there are 62 and 1500 large and small RE power plants, respectively, and compared with the previous year, we had 70% growth in renewable energy development in 2017. Head of SATBA mentioned that the economic imbalance of the country's power industry is the only danger threatens us, and the authorities must think about the electricity economy so that private sector investment wouldn’t be wasted and the return of investment will be assured. Regarding the private sector participation, applicants for the large scale RE power plants constructions can register at www.satba.gov.ir websites in order to obtain the construction licenses and for the small scale projects (i.e. solar rooftops), they can go directly to the power distribution companies in their city or town and conclude a PPA contract on behalf of SATBA and then start to establish a power plant and then sell its electricity to the Ministry of Energy.

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