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With the presence of the Minister of Energy, .....

With the presence of the Minister of Energy, .....
With the presence of the Minister of Energy, the launching of two 10 MW solar power plants and the commence of 30 MW solar power plant constructions was done in Yazd province

On July 26th 2018, along with the visit of the Minister of Energy, Dr. Ardakanian to Yazd province, with a presence of the Deputy Minister and Head of SATBA organization, Managing Director of Tavanir, provincial governors of the power industry in the province, governor of Yazd, and a group of provincial officials and directors, the 30 MW solar power plant construction proceedings were commenced and the 10 MW Ghadir solar power plant in Mehriz-Yazd was launched. Also, with the presence of the mentioned officials, the 10 MW Pejvak Omran solar power plant which is constructed in Ardakan, will be launched.
Based on SATBA’s public relations and international affairs office, at present, four solar power plants (in MW) and about 202 units of small scale solar power plant (in kW) are operating with the cumulative capacity of 34.5 MW in Yazd province. Yazd province is one of the best provinces in the country for the construction of solar power plants due to the high solar radiation. Because of the prominent feature of these plants which their highest production is in line with the peak demand hours of electricity in the summer season, the central areas of the country which also have a serious water shortage challenge are a good and necessary solution to supply electricity. The report adds that the mentioned power plants have been constructed through a guaranteed power purchase from the renewable energy resources with SATBA, which is still ongoing, and investors and applicants for the construction of renewable power plants throughout the country may visit the SATBA website at www.satba.gov.ir and sign up for electronic registration. This possibility is also available for small-scale solar power plants by referring to power distribution companies throughout the country.

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