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Minister of Energy in the Mahan solar power plant opening:

Minister of Energy in the Mahan solar power plant opening:
Replacing the private sector instead of the government for investment in Renewable energies (REs)/ 2.2 times increase comparing to the beginning 11th government of Iran

H.E. Chitchian mentioned that the installed capacity of the renewable power plants has increased 2.2 times comparing to the beginning 11th government of Iran. In 2015, only 14 MW new RE power plant was added to the grid, whereas the capacity raised to 100 MW in 2016. The overall capacity of the country's RE power plants will reach 600 MW up to March 2018.
Based on the public relations report of SATBA, the minister expressed his happiness over Iran-Germany bilateral cooperation. He mentioned that renewable energies have been an important driving force in reducing pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions, have some impact on our environment and contribute to sustainable development. His Excellency reiterated that development of renewables is not only an economical objective but also a global mission.
The minister of energy pointed out that Iran not only in the recent years but also since two decades has been following the energy policies to increase the share of renewables in the global energy mix of the country. This issue is focused not only in the Iran's overall policy but also it has been legislated in the Parliament especially in the 6th development plan.
The minister of energy stated that 12000 MW out of 76000 MW of the overall capacity belongs to renewable power plants. He added that hydropower is currently one of the most important sources of the renewable energy and we are putting all efforts to develop different types of energies for instance wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and small hydropower as well.
His Excellency mentioned that all the renewable-related activities will be carried out by the private sector. In this regard, we will support private sectors through incentive policies and guaranteed electricity purchase via PPA contracts for 20 years.
Mr. Chitchian reiterated: "To date, we have 210 MW annual solar PV panels production capacity that a factory with the annual production capacity of 130 MW was launched in Shiraz two days ago. The total capacity to produce PV solar panels will reach 500 MW by the March 2018 and that indicates the private sector's involvement."
His Excellency referred to recent cooperation between Iran and some countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Spain etc. and direct investments of them in renewable energies as well. He mentioned that "In the past years, we only had a solar PV power plant with the capacity of 1 MW which was the largest power plant in the country. At the moment, the capacity of solar PV power plants in Hamedan, Isfahan, and Kerman provinces is 14, 10, and 20 megawatts, respectively. The operation of 30 MW PV power plant in Jajarm will soon be launched. Because of this development trend, we hope that these activities in this field will be continued. As promised, the 100 MW solar PV power plant will be installed and operated soon alongside the 30 MW power plant in Jajarm. At the end, Mr. Chitchian welcomed Kerman governor's suggestion and initiative on creating an area for REs development so called Aftab City in Kerman province that will install 2000 MW RE power plants in the next 10 years.

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