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For contracts in accordance with paragraph B of Article 133 of the fifth plan

To calculate the adjustment for the electricity costs, four coefficients are needed in the formula to be adjusted, all of which are announced by the central bank of Iran's website:

1-Retail sale index at the beginning of the payment year.

2-Retail sale index at the beginning of the retail price index at the beginning of the year of operation.

3-Average official currency (Euro) exchange rate in the period of one year before payment.

4-Average official currency (Euro) exchange rate in the period of one year before contract conclusion.
while the Alpha index is announced by the seller and the range is between 0.15 to 0.3.

فرمول  Items 1 and 2 are available through the following link:



Items 3 and 4 are available after entering the beginning and the end of timetables and the currency type through the following link:

After entering the above items in to the formula, the index coefficient that is rounded up to 5 decimals will be achieved. By multiplying this coefficient to the base rate of power purchase (Article 2 of special conditions of the contract), the unit price per kilowatt hour of equivalent production will be specified in the bill which will be rounded up to 2 decimals.

To calculate the equivalent production in order to insert into the renewable electricity bill, the amount of net production of the power plant and also the hourly coefficient are needed. Both of these items are available through the website of Iran Grid Management Co.
The net production of the power plant will be given to the electricity seller after entering the username and password given by Iran Grid Management Co. through the following link:


The usable hourly coefficient in order to set in any bills is the last updated hourly coefficient which can be accessible through the following link:

Equivalent production in any hour of the day will be equal to net production of the hour multiplied in readiness coefficient of the hour. Summing the equivalent production of all hours of the month will give us equivalent production in order to be set in the bill. Multiplying the unit price and equivalent production results in the total amount of the electricity bill.