Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization

 Important Notes


To know before applying for the construction permit and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for renewable and clean power plants, Please take the following items into consideration:

  • Trading the construction permit and PPA is forbidden. It is necessary for the applicants to make sure about shareholders, before registering a company and requesting the construction permit. It is obvious that after issuance of construction permit and/or concluding the PPA the change in the shareholders would not be possible.
  • All permission and approval issued for investment in the field of renewable and clean energies would be within the framework of governmental regulation and will only purchase the electricity from non-governmental renewable power plants after starting the operation of power plant in the form of guaranteed power purchase agreement. All feasibility studies, resource assessment, design, selection, supply of equipment, finance, construction and operation of power plants and also technical and financial protection during operation period will be responsibilities of the investor. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization  will not issue any guarantee or documents for obtaining financial facilities from banks. Also this organization will not issue any approval in terms of selected equipment for construction of power plant.
  • The period for construction and commercial operation of the power plants subject to this PPA will be a maximum of 30 months for biomass, geothermal and small hydro, a maximum of 24 months for wind power plants and waste heat recovery in industrial processes and a maximum of 15 months for solar power plants since signing the PPA. In case of delay the last FiT which is valid on the start date of commercial operation will be applied.
  • The issued permit is valid for a maximum of 6 months and in case of progress, it can be extended for another duration. It is important for the respected applicants to make sure they are capable of constructing the requested capacities, otherwise not only they would lose the benefits of PPA but also this will be considered as a negative point in issuing their next possible permissions or contracts

 Please click the link below to view a file regarding the construction process of non-governmental renewable and clean power plants.