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Non-governmental applicants who are intended to construct renewable energy power plants should consider some requirements as follows: fill out worksheets A and B and also the letter of commitment and present it to SATBA attached to a written application and required documentations such as articles of association, registration ad in official gazette and its latest amendments, coordinates of the site so that construction permit is issued for a certain capacity in a specific location.

Upon obtaining other necessary permissions such as environment permit, grid connection and land acquiring, a long term power purchase agreement will be signed and exchanged with them so that the applicant could be able construction activities. In Biomass power plants on the basis of waste, it is necessary to take needed permission to utilize the water transfer facilities for small hydropower plants. The project work flow is as follows:

Phase 1: Registration and issue of construction permit:

  • Submission of written application to SATBA by the applicant together with the work sheets A and B, and letter of commitment.
  • Verification of the non-governmental applicant and assuring that the certain site does not overlap with the other projects which formerly registered in SATBA. (Also through written  queries from Ab Niroo Co., Regional Water companies and Water and waste water  companies only for small hydropower plants)
  • Issue of construction permit by SATBA.

Phase 2: Obtaining required permits to conclude the contract

  • Acquiring grid connection permit, environment permit, and land delivery permit from related authorities for all types of power plants.
  • Obtaining water allocation and riverbed boundary permit from Water Resources Management Company or regional water companies or the respective Water and Wastewater Company for small hydropower plants.
  • Exchanging contract with SATBA after precise control of all the permits and documentations.

Phase 3: Project execution period and construction of power plant (After signing the contract).

  • Preliminary operations and financing of the project during execution period by the applicant.
  • Performing the executional operations by the applicant under the supervision of SATBA on project progress during the execution period.
  • Grid connection coordination between SATBA and Grid Management Company after completion of the construction.

Phase 4: Operating period

  • Commencement of the power plant operation and providing the financial statements presented by applicant on generated electricity price from renewable energies on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly payment of financial statements by SATBA after applying the adjustment coefficients and considering availability hours.  

worth mentioning that foreign investors are requested to the website of organization for investment, economic, and technical assistance of Iran at www.investiniran.ir for getting information on general aspects of foreign investment in Iran.


 Form A: Applicant introduction worksheet 


Form B : Project presentation worksheet


Letter of commitment for applicants of constructing renewable energy plants