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Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh

Deputy Minister and Head of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA)

Mohammadtaghi Zafaranchizadeh

Deputy of Non-governmental Sector Development

Mohammad Shahrabi Farahani

Director General of Directorship and Inspection Office

Jafar Mohammadnejad Sigaroodi

Director General of Public Relations and International Affairs Office

Saeed Karimzadeh

Deputy of Development and Human Resources Management

Ali Nazari

Director of Security and Confidentiality Office

Arash Omidi

Director General of Program and Budget Office

Nasser Asghari

Director General of Licenses and Permits Office

Mojtaba Loni

Director General of Compilation and Facilitation of Regulations Office

Mohammad Dashti Ahangar

Director General, Contracts and Legal Affairs Office
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