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Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA)


Iran’s macro planning on energy is optimizing utilization of fossil fuel resources and improvement in exploitation of diversified resources of renewable energy to supply a portion of the country’s ever increasing energy demand. Iran is among the countries with the richest resources of energy and in addition to huge reserves of fossil fuels such as oil and gas; it enjoys a great potential of renewable energies such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. Further to the policies drawn up by Ministry of Energy, SUNA was constituted in 1996 to implement the above objectives and acquire the up-to-date information and technologies for utilization of renewable energies’ resources, evaluate the existing potentials and implement numerous projects (solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, and biomass) , guarantee the purchase of electricity generated from renewable sources with the aim of attracting private sector’s participation in this field, study the research policies in order to prepare the comprehensive plan for development of renewable energies in the country.

In 2000 the volume of done measures of renewable energy organization of Iran caused the Ministry of Energy to propose to the cabinet the possibility to count SUNA as a state organization in order to fill the gap of an executive body in the government for development of renewable energies. The cabinet eventually agreed to the establishment of SUNA as a state company on 2000.02.27. It is worth to mention that organizations such as Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and Iranian Fuel Conservation Company were also involved in this field, but with the aim of optimization and effective utilization and exploitation of renewable energy, Supreme Administrative Council, based on parliament's resolution on 2004.12.18, centralized all missions and legal operations on renewable energies in Ministry of Energy and subsequently the Ministry assigned this responsibility to SUNA on 2005.03.21. It is necessary to note that the responsibility of activities related to wind operated water pumping facilities and solar water-heating systems still remain with Iranian Fuel Conservation Company. In late 2006, upon restructuring of Ministry of Energy and formation of Electricity and Energy Deputy, office of new energies which was the headquarters of this field in the ministry, was merged into SUNA and all the staff and the projects were also transferred to SUNA accordingly.