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Vision & Mission

 According to Article 8 of energy consumption pattern and in line with promoting the efficiency and renewable energies, the act of integration of two organizations Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SABA) which led to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA) was submitted by the committee of ministers to the Iranian Parliament. The act was legislated by the Parliament dated 2016/11/15 and was approved by the guardian council on 2017/1/1. It was announced by the presidency to the Ministry of Energy.

In Article 1 of SATBA's establishment it is pointed out that this organization is recognized to promote efficiency and develop clean and renewable energies by setting the right infrastructure in the country, increasing the efficiency and reducing the loss of transmission, distribution and consumption. In Article 2 it is declared that the engagement of the private sector and supporting it, setting the incentive policies, developing renewable energies in industrial level and accomplishing the target are at the top organization's agenda.